Legislation Handbook

Photograph of the Legislation Handbook

Legislation Handbook revised by PM&C and released in February 2017.

PM&C has responsibility for the Legislation Handbook that provides guidance on the legislation processes, especially those coordinated by PM&C. The handbook outlines the policy approval process for legislation, how to get a bill drafted and matters relating to the introduction and passage of a bill through the Parliament.

This year, PM&C concluded a comprehensive review of the handbook that involved extensive consultation with, and input from, users including the First Parliamentary Counsel, Legislation Liaison Officers and the House and Senate Table Offices. Revisions to the handbook took into account recommendations from the Independent Review of Whole-of-Government Internal Regulation.

The revised handbook was released in February 2017 and is available on the PM&C website. The handbook outlines developments in the legislation process. These include flexibility for departments to approve consequential amendments to legislation within their portfolio (where appropriate) and enables ministers to approve technical amendments that remedy errors or defects in legislation.