Indigenous Procurement Policy

Photograph of PM&C staff at a morning tea for Indigenous Procurement and Business

Indigenous Procurement and Business morning tea, Parliament House, February 2017.

Since the implementation of the Indigenous Procurement Policy on 1 July 2015, Indigenous economic and business development has been stimulated. There has been a substantial increase in the awarding of government contracts to Indigenous businesses. In the first 18 months of policy implementation, 708 businesses have won 2,746 contracts with a total of more than $434 million, up from $6 million in the 2012–13 financial year.

Throughout 2016–17, PM&C provided support and advice on the implementation of the policy. This included:

  • advice to the Minister and Prime Minister on bringing forward the 2020 target (three per cent of Commonwealth contracts going to Indigenous businesses) to the current financial year
  • advice to buyers in Australian Government departments using cross-agency working groups, the Secretaries Board and correspondence via the indigenous procurement policy mailbox
  • advice to other jurisdictions considering adopting a similar policy
  • support to Indigenous businesses seeking advice on the application of the policy and how to make contact with potential buyers.