Data Integration Partnership for Australia

Photograph showing tablet devise in use

DIPA will maximise the use of government data assets.

PM&C worked with agencies to develop the Data Integration Partnership for Australia (DIPA). The partnership will invest $130.8 million over three years to improve Australian Public Service (APS) advice to government on complex policy issues. This is a coordinated, APS-wide approach to maximise the use and value of government data assets and enable faster, cheaper and secure integration of data available to policy makers.

PM&C worked with agencies to agree on aspects of the DIPA, including funding and priorities for a single proposal with several responsible ministers from nine agencies. The government agreed to the proposal as part of the Public Sector Modernisation Fund in the 2017–18 Budget.

PM&C chairs the inter-departmental committee meetings and technical working groups to share information and resolve issues. PM&C built strong relationships with stakeholders to ensure the DIPA meets its objectives.