The Cyber Security Action Plan

Photograph of the Cyber Challenge Award winners

Cyber Challenge Award winners, May 2017.

In April 2017, the Office of the Cyber Security Special Adviser released a progress report on the implementation of the four-year Cyber Security Strategy and its action plan. After 12 months, six of the 33 actions in the plan had been completed. PM&C worked with agencies to progress the whole-of-government response. The outcomes include Prime Ministerial Roundtables with the private sector, cyber security appointments in government, the opening of the Joint Cyber Security Centre in Brisbane and establishing the Australian Cyber Security Growth Network and completion of a cyber security 'health check' by ASX-100 companies.

The Joint Cyber Security Centre in Brisbane allows government agencies and the private sector to co-locate to tackle common cyber threats when the need arises. Additional centres are planned to open in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth during 2017.