Centre for Counter-Terrorism Coordination

Photograph of a crowd of people

Protecting people in crowded places.

PM&C, as the Commonwealth Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, co-chairs the ANZCTC. Under the Inter-Governmental Agreement on Australia's National Counter-Terrorism Arrangements, the ANZCTC:

  • provides strategic and policy advice to heads of government and relevant ministers
  • coordinates an effective nationwide counter-terrorism capability
  • maintains effective arrangements for sharing appropriate intelligence and information between relevant agencies in all jurisdictions
  • maintains the National Counter-Terrorism Plan and associated documentation.

In 2016–17, PM&C worked with ANZCTC to implement a Risk Management Framework addressing identified significant areas of risk. The framework enabled focused discussion within the ANZCTC and provided processes for informed decisions on risk mitigation.

In 2016, the Prime Minister requested the Counter-Terrorism Coordinator conduct a review of lessons Australian agencies could learn following terrorist attacks overseas, including in Nice, France and Orlando, USA. The review considered the protection of people in crowded places, the detection of 'lone actors', ways to respond and the possible relationship between mental illness and radicalisation.

The Centre for Counter-Terrorism Coordination worked with state and territory governments, in consultation with the private sector and New Zealand through the ANZCTC, to develop the Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism. The objective is to protect the lives of people working in, using and visiting crowded places.