The CDP Program Management Framework (PMF)

Photograph of Daniella Cartlon and Natasha Waterloo looking at illustrations

Daniella Carlton and Natasha Waterloo provided sketches and paintings for children’s books written in the Kriol language, as part of a CDP project delivered by Roper Gulf Regional Council.

The CDP Program Management Framework sets out the Department's approach to performance, compliance and assurance in the delivery of CDP. A regional network of account and contract managers provide contract management, monitoring, support and relationship management across 60 regions and 40 service providers that service around 33,000 job seekers each day across remote Australia.

Using the framework, the Department and providers ensure the CDP delivers program outcomes. The framework also enables the prompt management of poor provider performance so that appropriate service delivery is maintained.

The Department provided additional funding for high-performing providers. For example, in Galiwin'ku the community received training in 3D printing using recycled plastics. This was delivered through the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation, a CDP provider based in the Northern Territory. Having exposure and skills in 3D printing allowed job seekers to secure local work and contribute to their communities. Using these new skills, one participant who had never used a computer is now the local 3D print technician and a remote digital entrepreneur who has designed and developed a 3D model for Rio Tinto.