Analysis of current Indigenous Advancement Strategy performance data

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Performance reporting on IAS grant projects is done on a self-assessment basis.

With the exception of some types of employment grants and very small grants, IAS service providers generally report on the progress of individual grant projects every six months.

Performance reporting is based on self-assessment with organisations indicating whether they are 'on track', 'partly on track' or 'off track' against each KPI. There are currently two mandatory KPIs for IAS grant projects.

The results in the six-month performance report to 31 December 2016 (Figure 2.1) show the self-assessment of performance in terms of service provider overall compliance with project agreement terms and conditions (Mandatory KPI 'M2').

Figure 2.1 shows:

  • the percentage of projects that self-assessed as 'on track' ranged from 82 per cent of Culture and Capability (Program 2.4) and Remote Australia Strategy (Program 2.5) to 94 per cent for Jobs, Land and Economy (Program 2.1)
  • the percentage of projects that self-assessed as 'partly on track' ranged from six per cent of Program 2.1 to 17 per cent for Program 2.4
  • less than one per cent of Program 2.2 projects, one per cent of Program 2.4 projects and four per cent of Program 2.5 projects were self-assessed as off track.

Each IAS project is required to report the level of employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the delivery of the funded activity (as Mandatory KPI 'M1'). The 1,510 IAS projects that submitted performance reports were delivered by 14,401 employees of which:

  • 8,581 (60 per cent) were Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • 5,820 (40 per cent) were non-Indigenous.

PM&C Agreement Managers, mostly based in the Regional Network, review the performance information submitted by service providers. They verify reported progress, drawing on their extensive on-the-ground knowledge about the implementation of grant projects.

Figure 2.1: Self-assessed compliance with project agreement terms and conditions, by IAS Program (round 3)

Graph showing the percentage of projects self-assessed as 'on track', 'partly on track' or 'off track'